Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I don't like when I feel that I am not being taken seriously, but I hate feeling like I'm being taken too seriously.

There really isn't a significant difference between 25 and 30...

Music snobs annoy me...being one of 10 people listening a particular band/artist/genre does not, in itself, make you cool.

Sometimes I seriously doubt my own maturity level. I think I'm probably okay with that.

With regard to romantic relationships, I have no idea what I want other than a partnership that "fits." Should I have criteria? Should I make a list?

I have a hard time understanding people who voluntarily, and seemingly unnecessarily, put themselves on restrictive diets - I think I love food too much.

I think I should put on 5lbs.

Found the most perfect black leather clutch today at Urban Outfitters...On clearance for $10. Definitely a good investment.

I am really digging Nicki Minaj at the moment

I respond well to a healthy aggression.

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