Monday, December 14, 2009

More than a virtue, patience is a necessity...

I've spent the last six months as one of the many, many DC job seekers. Most of us being new-ish grads, we were welcomed out of the college, or in my case, grad school hallways with substantial student loan debt and dismal job options. When I got here to The District in June I was optimistic and the possibilities seemed endless, right? There were non-profit jobs, think tank jobs, Hill jobs, corporate jobs, small start-up jobs. And yes, there were (are) jobs. However, there are so many more of us.

I searched and searched. Interviewed and was let down again and again. I was frustrated. So, so frustrated. I'm smart, I'm educated, I have enough work experience to give me a good foundation, I'm personable. So, WTF?

I got a call on Friday morning from the president of a non-profit working on Black women's health issues, which has a lot of programs geared towards Black women's sexual and reproductive health (jackpot!). She had remembered my resume from a position I applied for over the summer and wanted to talk to me about a short-term contracting position with them. Yay!

Well, today was the day. I went into interview with the programs director and walked out the happiest girl alive. Although it's just a short term contracting position, it's a position in the exact field and area, doing substantive work I really want to do. Although the last several months have been frustrating as all get-out, what I felt today while talking with the director was amazing. Having the opportunity to get my hands dirty doing the work that I am passionate about - the work that I would like to make a career out of - may just turn out to have been worth the wait.

Not every story needs a moral. Sometimes a story is just a story. But in this case maybe patience isn't just a virtue, maybe it is what facilitates us doing exactly what we should be doing in this world. Perhaps if we were never patient or if we never took the time to be still and wait, would be miss that which is being prepared for us...

Just thoughts.

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