Monday, February 22, 2010

Ugh...For Reals?

I've been pretty apathetic about pop culture's current events so far this year. I really don't give a damn about Tiger Woods' apology, Kate Gosslin's hair, Sarah Palin's tea party, or John Mayer's racist penis. I'm tired to talking about how Black women are problematically single and I find nothing interesting about the Winter Olympics (no Caribbean sprinters). Moreover, the political atmosphere at present makes me want convert to I have nothing to say on that matter either.

So, I guess I'll spend some time on things that actually matter...

1. Haiti
Wait, what's going on there? I've been lost in discussion on Dick Cheney's chest pains and Kim Kardashian's mystery engagement (is she not?)

2. Health Care
So, have we completely given up on a public option or has Scott Brown just killed healthcare altogether?

3. The Israeli Occupation of Palestine
No one ever wants to talk about this, obviously. But I really do need to do a better job at keeping up on what's going on there.

4. Black Unemployment
It's at effing 16.5%, but apparently this isn't a problem. WTF?

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