Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On grand gestures the little things...

I am different. Perhaps a little bit off. But I appreciate the nuances of life more than those obvious delights. I live in a city and own a car, but I'd rather walk as to not miss those unique smells, sounds and sights of city life - those things that you can only experience on the ground. My neighborhood often smells like fried chicken, apparently loves Juanes and there is regular pattern of barber and shops liquor stores all down the block - but I would never observe these things from my car.

My point is that it is the compilation of all of those little things that allow me to enjoy it all. The grander things are great, but I'm of the persuasion that is not, nor should be how we experience our happiness. For this reason I am not a grand gesture kind of girl. To me, grand gestures are always too gaudy and performative and make me uncomfortable because, although they could be genuine, they are rarely organic. Grand gestures are akin to running errands in a car - while you get the experience of getting in and out of the car, you do not get benefit of the subtleties the path had to offer. And the path is where it's all at...aren't real relationships made up of those everyday experiences that we participate in within our interpersonal spaces? Isn't it those scents, sounds, feelings, words and remembrances that make the experience of being with someone else fulfilling?

Shouldn't our relationships be great just because...for no particular reason, but for a myriad of little reasons that add to something sorta remarkable. I think so.

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