Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Facebook, Virtual Aggression & An Awkward Moment

"did u get rid of your facebook or just delete me as a friend?"


I got this text last night from someone that who had acted a little shady with, yes I had deleted them as a friend. This is what I do when you irritate me or otherwise transition to my "not-so-good side." You will get deleted from my facebook friends' list, my cellphone address book, my gmail chat list and sometimes, I will even stop following you on twitter.

However, really..."it's not you, it's me." I find deletion cathartic. I'm not a person that cusses others out or that is comfortable acting actively aggressive and I usually try to keep passive aggression under wraps, but modern social-networking technology makes it oh-so easy to satisfy one's spite...virtually.

By deleting you as a friend I am cutting you off and I don't really care if you realize I've done it or not. It is a mechanism by which I signal to myself that I am done. However, I'll admit that done doesn't always mean 'done', done...rather it means I have relinquished the ball and put it the other's court. If they amends, okay. If they don't, that's okay too.

So they made amends and asked nicely and they were re-added (why this was important to them, I don't know), but it's probationary...

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