Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Five Year Plan

I started my fellowship this week, meaning it's back to the office for me. After a good six month hiatus from office life, this is going to be an re-adjustment. Goodness, I'm just not cut out for it and so...the five year plan is crucial.

Aya Consulting. Yep, I've named it already. It's going to be a firm specializing in small non-profit research and development. Performing research and finding funding for small operations that don't have the capacity to do these things effectively or efficiently on their own. Why? Well, I'm capricious (we've established that, right?) - so finding an issue or area that I'd be happy working on/in long term is pretty unlikely. Frankly, I guess I don't want to. However, I would love to be able to work on many issues and with the many individuals and groups that are doing innovative and important work around the world.

This way I would be master of my own destiny - working on my time, traveling where I wanted and choosing what I wanted to work on. Until then, I'm a cog in the machine as I pay my dues to build the experience, expertise and credentials I'm going to need.

Now I need a name for my Pilates' studio...

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