Friday, February 19, 2010

On Being a PYT...

I usually date men older than myself. Not ridiculously older, but 4 to 7 years older (okay, maybe 9) is usually a good range. This is usually a good look because, at 25, I have significantly more substantive life experience than most women (and men) my age. I've lived on my own and away from family, raised a kid (this is an on-going project), gotten two degrees, etc...To boot, I'm pretty intelligent, have a above-average level of common sense and the ability to keenly interpret social cues. I know this. I am humble, but observant.**

[**I do know that because I am a woman, this will be perceived as arrogance. But is what it is]

Here's the problem with older men:
Older men tend to overlook or otherwise forget that you are actually a grown-ass woman and instead treat younger women like naive little PYTs without a clue what it's like out there in the big, bad "man's world." While I cannot argue that there are some naive little PYT's out there, it is both sexist and pompous to assume stupidity of any woman. C'mon gentlemen, we deserve at least the benefit of a doubt.

Yes, I know when you are running game. Yes, I've heard that before and no, I don't actually believe it, I'm just making you think I do. Ha, maybe I'm silent and smiling at you not because I'm dumbstruck by your superior intelligence and charm--maybe I'm laughing at you in my head. Maybe I'm not. Perhaps I'm just putting up with you when you decide to be "the boss" because I'm clever enough to know which battles are worth choosing, not because I couldn't back you down if wanted to. I could be biting my tongue because I don't want to hurt your feelings and not because I couldn't think of a good comeback. And yes, I picked up that innuendo, but I'd rather not have, so I'm ignoring it.

Etc...I will provide no more illustrations, lest I forfeit the advantageous pretense older men have afforded me.

Silly boys. I'm onto you...


  1. Well I'm certainly not more P, but I'm definitely more Y and I get this all of the time from older women that I have dated. I know there is a gender aspect to it, but its also an issue of finding it hard to respect a younger person right off the bat.

  2. What's a PYT? PYT...pyt... Part Yellow Tramp? Pertly Yelling Tease?

    Oooooohhhh.....Pretty Young Thing?

    Maybe I should know this.