Monday, March 15, 2010

The Question

Today I asked a question that needed to be asked.

It is a question that I have not felt the need to ask until today - sitting on the bus. At that moment I needed to know and so, rather than speculate about the answer, I asked. But I asked via email, which means I probably won't get an answer until tomorrow...

So, until then I have plenty of time to think about what it was that I asked and what I am going to do with the answer. So, here are my thoughts so far:

The question took a level of comfortability that surprised me. I'm thinking that the fact that I felt secure enough to ask it is a good thing. It means that I've develop enough of a relationship with this person to feel I had the liberty to ask it.

If I was less secure with it all I would probably be anxious about the answer - which, interestingly enough, I am not. Curious, yes. But I'm feeling okay with whatever it is that I hear back tomorrow...even if it isn't what I want to hear, I feel like it will be good to know and that I could deal with it.

Whatever it is that I receive in return, I believe I will have the truth and I can work with that. In knowing where I stand I will be able to chart the course that I am unable to make out right now.

The bottom line is that I have thrown part of myself out there into the universe and I hope it is kind to me.

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