Friday, July 16, 2010

Birthday Musings: Part II

This has been a pretty fun weekend and I've been trying to come up with coherent, profound things the whole time, but alas, epic fail. Only more disparate thoughts. Or rather, as I would like to reclassify them - tidbits of unfathomable erudition.

1) Letting go is the easiest thing in the world to do. So, why it is also the hardest?

In theory to let something go requires no effort at all, but as humans, letting go of feelings, a person, a dream, a relationship, etc..., is just about one of the hardest things ever. Why? Well, I suspect it means letting a little (or big) piece of ourselves go with it and that's painful as hell.

2) Boys like girls in silly hats

Particularly if you wear it and own it. I dunno why...I should ask around and then buy more hats.

3) Problems arise when one person is sure and the other isn't. It is cacophonous and horrible.

Yeah, that's pretty self explanatory.

4) Staring at the two small mountains of laundry in the middle of my bedroom floor will not make them wash, dry, fold and put themselves away.

They have been there a full 28 hours now, maybe I'll get to it tomorrow (? + shoulder shrug). But hey, at least I sorted.

5) I am indeed a hopeless flirt, but once I'm in...I'm in. No worries.

It's a blessing and a curse and I suspect I get it from my dad, who is also a terrible flirt (grocery store checkers, church ladies, policewomen, my grandmother's elderly friends). I think as long as I find a secure partner (like my momma...but male) it'll all work out.

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